Natural Focus Exhibition

Natural Focus

18th -21st Jan 2011

Opening Tuesday 18th January 2011, 16.30 – 18.30, Link Gallery, MMU

Video installations by Helen Wheeler &  Elisa Artesero 

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A big thank you to everyone who came to the show opening and made it a huge success.  Both myself and Elisa received very positive comments about our work.  The pieces worked well together and, due to the timing of the opening, the lighting for Elisa’s projections was perfect to show them to their best effect.   Thank you once again to everyone who came.

Our work was conducted and recorded at specific locations and times of day that took full advantage of the summertime weather and lighting conditions in order to achieve our ideas.   We approached nature based imagery in different but complementary ways.   One aspect was an experimentation with bringing inanimate objects to life, exploring shadows and projection through film and stop motion animation (Elisa Artesero).  Another aspect of the work was an exploration into the movement and beauty within often overlooked flora and fauna (Helen Wheeler).  The exhibition as a whole is made up of multiple short films which work as a unified video installation.


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