Division of Labour: 1-10 Dec 2016


“Curated by Lucy Harvey, a studio holder, it’s an admirably outward-looking show: rather than focusing specifically on the Rogue artists’ plight, the exhibition explores the shifting place and purpose of production in the city more generally. Works such as Helen Wheeler’s ‘What Was Is No Longer’, a nostalgic image of factory towers disappearing into over-exposure on a tear drop-shaped piece of photosensitive glass, make the tacit argument that industry, once the mainstay of Manchester’s identity, is steadily being eliminated. The original functionality of the factory is translated into a decorative object, highlighting the irony of the ‘industrial chic’ aesthetic that prevails in mills repurposed for commercial and residential use.”

Above quoted from Corridor 8 Review of Exhibition


‘What Was Is No More’ 2016 Hand-Blown Photosensitive Glass, Frame


‘The Art of Broken Pieces’ 2016 Hand-Blown Photosensitive Glass, Frame, Plaster

'Glass Shades for Electric Lights' (detail shot)

‘Glass Shades for Electric Lights’ (detail shot) 2016 Hand-Blown Photosensitive Glass, Electric cabling & fittings, Bulbs


Bankley Studios & Gallery 2016 Open Call and Open Studios Event


Reflection Exhibition

I recently took part in a group exhibition titled “Reflection“, held at AWOL Studios Gallery in Manchester, with John Brindley and Sam Brinsdon.

Below is a selection of the work I exhibited:

For further information and images from the exhibition, please visit our exhibition blog www.reflectionexhibition.wordpress.com.

The Secret Life Exhibition @ MMU Link Gallery

I am taking part in a group exhibition titled The Secret Life at the MMU Link Gallery in Manchester next week from Monday 7th November until Thursday 10th November where I will be exhibiting a series of three etchings.


Elisa Artesero devised the surreal/dreamlike exhibition theme following a recent visit to the Magritte Exhibition @ Tate Liverpool and will also be exhibiting a piece of sculptural light art.  Elisa Artesero has curated this exhibition assisted by Roger Bygott.

Exhibition opening

Monday 7th November from 4.30-6.30.

All welcome!

Also taking part in the exhibition is John Brindley who has recently held a solo exhibition in the MMU Link Gallery as well as recently receiving a Merit award from the Mayor of Stockport for his painting ‘Reflections’, which sold on the preview night. This is a group exhibition for Stockport Artists at Stockport Art Gallery, showing  from 30th October 2011 until 8th January 2012 where John has three paintings on show.  The painting he will be showing in The Secret Life exhibition is entitled “Echo”.

A wide selection of artists have been included in this exhibition which makes it well worth visiting. Exhibits include paintings, print, sculpture and light art.

Natural Focus Exhibition

Natural Focus

18th -21st Jan 2011

Opening Tuesday 18th January 2011, 16.30 – 18.30, Link Gallery, MMU

Video installations by Helen Wheeler &  Elisa Artesero 

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A big thank you to everyone who came to the show opening and made it a huge success.  Both myself and Elisa received very positive comments about our work.  The pieces worked well together and, due to the timing of the opening, the lighting for Elisa’s projections was perfect to show them to their best effect.   Thank you once again to everyone who came.

Our work was conducted and recorded at specific locations and times of day that took full advantage of the summertime weather and lighting conditions in order to achieve our ideas.   We approached nature based imagery in different but complementary ways.   One aspect was an experimentation with bringing inanimate objects to life, exploring shadows and projection through film and stop motion animation (Elisa Artesero).  Another aspect of the work was an exploration into the movement and beauty within often overlooked flora and fauna (Helen Wheeler).  The exhibition as a whole is made up of multiple short films which work as a unified video installation.

MMU Degree and Foundation Show

PREVIEW:  FRIDAY 18TH JUNE 2010  17:00 – 20:00

Saturday, 19th June 2010 until Wednesday, 23rd June 2010.
19th, 20th & 23rd June: 10am–4pm
21st & 22nd June: 10am–6pm


I am really lucky to be exhibiting my Foundation final project in two locations in the Grosvenor Building rather than the usual single space.  In the dark room I am displaying lit glass and perspex pictures.   In the main room, I am displaying my glass pictures.  All of which were created for my Final Major Project.

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An exploration into disembodied fragments held within our memory and how they may serve to create the intense, otherworldly and often uncanny feelings of deja-vu.

The large square pictures were made by a combination of etching photographs onto glass, employing mirrors, acetate prints, tracing paper and l.e.d lights.

The frames were handmade, specifically for this purpose, as the sheets of glass and mirrors needed to be held apart for the effect to work.  I employed the use of mirrors to inject the “juddery” emotions evoked in my prior double exposure photography experiments earlier on in this project.